Cabin Packages

What We Offer

Leroux Construction in Tennessee offers services across the state, covering a variety of construction projects from East to Middle Tennessee. We've partnered with Expedition Log Homes to offer clients customizable cabin packages. These packages vary from something as simple as log siding to something as big as complete luxury cabin builds.

Quality Products

At Leroux Construction, we focus on finding and using the most cost-efficient materials. We guarantee you're getting the best product available for the best price.

Top-Rated Results

We take the ideas our clients have of what they want and work with our design team to turn those ideas into a final product and deliver excellent results.

Outstanding Communication

One of the main keys to our success is communication. Before we begin, we make sure our team fully understands what the customer wants, and we're always available.

Customizable Packages

Whether you are in need of a siding repair or a complete cabin package, our team can help build the perfect property you have in mind. Our cabin packages are customizable to what the buyer wants. All you have to do is choose from the many cabin designs available, then we'll help customize it to your liking.

Variety of Cabin Options

Since we have teamed up with Expedition Log Homes, we have been able to greatly expand the choices we offer our clients. We now offer more cabin models and sizes than ever before! They have the newest trends in cabin accessories and curb appeal, so you'll have plenty of options for both design and budget.

building the walls

Excellent Results

We are committed to delivering excellent results. We have a wide range of resources and options, from roofing and flooring to kitchen and bathroom installation. Whatever you need, we'll take the necessary steps to ensure each project has the results you're looking for.